Alias Brewing Launching at the Brewer’s Backyard in 2017

This year at the Brewer’s Backyard will feature the launch of a brand new beer concept in Ontario: Alias Brewing.

Alias is a new kind of brewing entity, one that isn’t a bricks-and-mortar brewery, nor a contract brewery. Alias is strictly a collaboration label, one that works openly and publicly alongside brewing partners to create unique beers with friends, for enjoyment at the Brewer’s Backyard and elsewhere.

We are excited about creating interesting beers this year with our brewing friends, which will be available alongside the many other delicious brews that you can expect at each of our events.  Stay tuned for more from Alias, and in the meantime follow us on Twitter for the latest, and be sure to come out to our events this year to try out some new collaboration brews!

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