Queen Victoria’s Secret – May 21st

Our poster for Queen Victoria's Secret!

We are very excited for the launch of the Brewer’s Backyard this coming Monday, May 21st at the Evergreen Brick Works.  And to celebrate the holiday, we’ve named the first event Queen Victoria’s Secret, featuring beer from Great Lakes and sandwiches from Fidel Gastro’s.

However, in keeping with the theme, we’re not going to tell you exactly what Great Lakes and Fidel Gastro is bringing – you’re going to have to come to the Brewer’s Backyard to find out!  What we can tell you is that Great Lakes will be bringing a number of special one-offs, and Fidel Gastro’s will be making a unique sandwich made with Great Lakes beer!

This is the first of six Brewer’s Backyard events taking place at the Brick Works this summer.  It will run from 12 noon until 4pm in the Koerner Gardens area of the Brick Works.  There is no admission fee and the event is all ages (19+ to drink beer, of course).  Beer and sandwiches will be $6 each.  There are a number of ways to get to the Brick Works on holiday Monday – Evergreen operates a shuttle from Broadview station and the TTC Rosedale 82 bus takes you to Chorley Park where you can walk down the hill to the Brick Works.  Please don’t drink and drive.  We look forward to seeing you on Monday!

One thought on “Queen Victoria’s Secret – May 21st

  1. ” … to Chorley Park where you can walk down the hill to the Brick Works.”

    this is an extremely steep hill, do not attempt unless you are wearing your ravine clothes

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