Torontoberfest Menu Announced!

Glasses 2At Monday’s Torontoberfest we’re going to have a ton of delicious treats from our friends at Beau’s, Black Oak and WVRST.  The following will be available:

From Beau’s (note that not all Beaus’ beers will be available simultaneously, we’ll tap different ones as we go through them):

  • Lug Tread
  • Night Marzen
  • Octobock
  • Tom Green
  • Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale
  • Smoking Banana Peels
  • Two Weeks Notice
  • Mr Hyde

From Black Oak:

  • Oaktoberfest
  • 10 Bitter Years


  • Traditional Oktoberfest sausage
  • Tamworth sausage
  • Bison sausage
  • Venison sausage
  • Vegan Pastrami sausage
  • Duck Fat Frites

We’re on from 12-4pm at Koerner Gardens & Holcim Gallery of the Evergreen Brick Works.  Free admission, all ages, rain or shine.  We hope to see you there!

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