Welcome WVRST to the Brewer’s Backyard!

As you know, Monday October 8th is our final Brewer’s Backyard of the year, an Oktoberfest party with Beau’s All-Natural.  And what would Oktoberfest be without sausages?  And so we have sausages!  We’re happy to announce that our friends at WVRST will be joining us at the Brewer’s Backyard serving up some of their delicious sausages to complement the delicious Beau’s beer available.

So come to our unique Brewer’s Backyard version of Oktoberfest (nicknamed Torontoberfest) on Monday, October 8th from 12-4pm at Koerner Gardens at the Evergreen Brick Works.  You can see a fun poster we’ve done for the event on the right side here.  We hope to see you there!.

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