Brewer’s Backyard Beer Preview

The Brewer’s Backyard on Sunday, September 23rd is shaping up to be one of our best yet. We have the debut of a beer that we made in collaboration with The Grid and Indie Alehouse – Street Wheat – flavoured with ingredients “from our own backyard”, including sumac, blackberries and birch leaves.  Indie Alehouse will […]

Beers from our own Backyard – September 23rd

The next installment of the Brewer’s Backyard comes this Sunday, September 23rd, an after-party of sorts to Toronto Beer Week.  We’ll be featuring the beers of Indie Alehouse and Bellwoods Brewery, with special food prepared by both Indie Alehouse and Chef Guy Rawlings.  We also have a new partnership with Cask Days and they’ll be […]

Beer Jam Poster!

Here’s our poster for The Beer Jam, our special fruit beer-themed Brewer’s Backyard to take place this coming Sunday, August 12th featuring Mill Street Brewery, Fidel Gastro’s and Babi&Co.  We hope to see you there!

The Beer Jam – August 12th

The Brewer’s Backyard is back after a little break with one of our most unique events yet. To extend the Wild Blueberry Festival which is taking place at the Evergreen Brick Works over the weekend, we’re going to have a celebration of fruit beers on Sunday, August 12th, entitled The Beer Jam. On the beer […]

The Green Pint – July 17th

We’re excited to be partnering with the Evergreen Brick Works for a special set of new events where you’ll be able to try out some delicious beer, Brewer’s Backyard style! Starting on Tuesday, July 17th (and again on July 31st and August 14th), Evergreen will be hosting Film Nights in the Valley, a series of […]

Constitutional Draught Poster!

The countdown to the Constitutional Draught is on!  Today in The Grid there is a feature about Amsterdam Brewery and their participation and special beers in June’s Brewer’s Backyard.  It was a great event with a load of interesting beers and our July 2nd event promises to be just as special with new beers from […]

The Constitutional Draught – July 2nd

We’re celebrating Canada Day at our third Brewer’s Backyard event, entitled The Constitutional Draught which is taking place on holiday Monday, July 2nd from 12-4pm. This event marks the first time that we’re welcoming more than a single brewer to the Backyard, with three Toronto-based breweries bringing the goods.  We’re happy to have Black Oak […]

Countdown to the Father’s Day Triathlon

The countdown to the Father’s Day Triathlon is on, as we kick off tomorrow morning at 11am at the Koerner Gardens of the Evergreen Brick Works with beer from Amsterdam and food from Death Row Meals. Tomorrow’s event promises to be a great one, as we’ll have lots of Amsterdam’s award-winning beers from their regular […]

The Father’s Day Triathlon – June 17th

Please join us in kicking off Ontario Craft Beer Week at our 2nd Brewer’s Backyard event on June 17th, entitled the Father’s Day Triathlon!  This event promises to be a big one, as we’ve got three great elements that comprise our Triathlon, namely Bikes, BBQ and Beer. First, the Bikes portion.  The Brewer’s Backyard is […]